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Bot Detection and Removal

Detection and notification against malicious software.
Have you noticed any suspicious email account activity, unusual error messages, or unfamiliar browsers? Your computer may be infected by a "bot," malicious software that secretly uses your computer to send spam, host phishing sites, and steal your personal information.

How our proactive bot notification works

Xfinity's bot notification tool looks for patterns coming from your home network that match our infection libraries. If we suspect that a device on your home network is infected, we will send you an alert via email and via a browser notification. You can then run through the steps below to remove the infection from your devices.


Step 1 - Run an online anti-malware tool

These tools are more effective against specific malware infections. We suggest running these tools until you receive confirmation that your system is no longer infected:

Following successful removal of the infection, please consider changing all of your passwords, since they may have been compromised.

Step 2 - Download Norton Security software included with your Internet service

As with other software, ensure that your security software is also up-to-date. If you haven't downloaded the top-rated Norton Security Online, which is included at no additional charge with your Xfinity Internet service, click here to download now.

Step 3 - Update your software, browsers, and operating system

Outdated Java and Adobe Flash versions are particularly vulnerable to virus infections.

Also, make sure your computer has the latest version of Operating System (OS). If you haven't updated your computer in a while, please do so.