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Norton Security Online

Ultimate peace of mind online. Norton™ Security Online helps shield you – and your private information – from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Get Norton Security Online

Price: Included with your Xfinity Internet subscription.

Features & Benefits

How Norton Security Online helps protects your PC, Mac, and mobile devices:

  • Secures multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription
  • Helps safeguard your private information
  • Manages protection for your devices with an easy-to-use web portal
  • Remembers, secures and automatically enters your username and passwords
  • Alerts you about risky Android apps before you download them
  • Easy to install and use

Learn more about: Spyware, Phishing and Keylogging


Installation Instructions

Follow these quick steps to get started! email address and password are required to continue. Find my email address.

Step 1

Have your Xfinity user ID or email address and password ready.

Step 2

Uninstall any existing security software from your computer, including previous versions of Norton Security.

Click here to begin the Norton Security Online download process.

Log in with your Xfinity user name and password if prompted.

Create or log in to your Norton account.

Download the product on the device you are using or send a link to download on another device.

Step 3

Check tips and tricks if you have any issues or questions about the download process or chat with a Norton customer support representative.

Looking for more help on install? Visit our Support Page or call Norton Support at 1-877-272-7149.

System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported

Norton Security covers PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads and iPhones. Some features are not available on iPad and iPhone.

Windows Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 S. Edge browser not supported.
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later. New features are no longer supported on Windows Vista operating systems. ID Safe browser extension is no longer supported on Windows Vista.
  • Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or later. New features are no longer supported on Windows XP. ID Safe browser extension is no longer supported on Windows XP.

Mac Operating Systems

  • Current and previous two versions of Mac OS.
  • Norton Family and Norton Family Premier features not supported.

Android Operating Systems

  • Android 4.1 or later. Must have Google Play app installed.
  • Android 4.1 or later required for Norton Family Premier Android app.
  • Auto-scan of apps on Google Play is supported on Android 4.1 or later, except for Samsung devices. Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported. For earlier versions of Android, the Google Play "Share" function must be used to scan apps on Google Play.

    iOS Operating Systems

    • iOS 8 or later.
    • iOS 9 or later is required for Norton Family Premier Child Monitoring app.

    Required for All Installations

    • A standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I cannot find my Norton product after I upgrade to Windows 10.
    If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot find your Norton product, please visit the Recover Norton after Windows 10 upgrade support page on Symantec's website
    I cannot start my Norton product after the Windows 10 upgrade.
    If you cannot start your Norton product after you upgrade to Windows 10, then you may need to uninstall and reinstall it. For additional support, please visit the Fix problems opening Norton support page on Symantec's website.
    How do I switch from a paid Norton subscription to Norton Security offered at no additional cost with Xfinity Internet service?
    To switch from a paid Norton subscription to the subscription offered at no additional cost through Xfinity, please click here to contact a Norton support representative.
    Downloading Norton Security Online:

    Xfinity Internet customers can download Norton Security Online by doing the following:

    • Download here
    • Go through the steps, which will include removing any existing anti-virus software from your computer, and install Norton Security Online.
    Why does Norton ask me to restart my computer?
    You will be asked to restart your computer during the Norton Security Online installation process in order to remove any existing security software. If you choose to not restart your computer immediately, your computer will not be protected.
    Can I download Norton Security Online on more than one device?
    Yes. Norton Security Online can be downloaded on up to five devices for residential customers at no additional cost. If you’d like to purchase protection for an additional five devices, you can purchase Norton Security Deluxe at a special discount for Xfinity Internet customers.
    What do I need to install Norton Security Online?
    To download Norton Security Online, you will need your Xfinity User ID and password. Simply download Norton Security Online and enter your Xfinity User ID and password when asked. You will then also be prompted to create a Norton Account. Please enter in your information when prompted during Norton Security Online’s installation.
    Is Norton Security Online really available at no additional cost for Xfinity Internet customers?
    Yes. Norton Security Online is available at no extra cost for Xfinity Internet customers. Xfinity Prepaid Internet customers do not receive Norton Security Online.
    How do I access the Norton Account Portal?
    The Norton portal associated with Norton Security Online, included with Xfinity Internet, is available here.
    How does deleting or suspending one of my Xfinity User IDs affect my Norton services?
    Suspending one of your Xfinity User IDs will not have an effect on your Norton services; however, deleting a username may result in the device that downloaded the software with the deleted username, to receive a notification that the license has expired.
    What happens to my Norton Security Online subscription if I am no longer an Xfinity Internet customer?
    Should you cancel your Xfinity Internet service, Norton Security Online subscription will be cancelled.
    What do I do if I have issues downloading Norton Security Online?
    For help downloading Norton Security Online, you can visit the Norton help site, or contact a Norton support representative.

    Want help protecting more than five devices?

    Add Norton Security Deluxe to your complimentary Norton Security Online subscription to help protect additional devices.

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